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Improving your backcountry sleeping game—Part 1 - posted 1 month ago

Hey Jay- As a stomach sleeper who tosses & turns all night, I've been considering a 10 degree quilt for a while but wondering about staying warm enough during Oct hunts in Colorado. I've had at least one or two at or below 0 nights each season. Do you use a liner of some sort or just sleep in down clothing if it gets especially cold?

May INSIDER Giveaway: 10 Garmin inReach Mini Satellite Communicators - posted 8 months ago

Not sure what I love more - the Insider Hunt Unit Filtering or the sweet Giveaways! Really keeping my fingers crossed on this one. Good luck to all.

Idaho approves changes to moose, bighorn sheep and mountain goat quotas - posted 11 months ago

The odds for non-residents are less than a high-school football player being drafted into the NFL (no, this is not an exaggeration):

Colorado Big Game Unit 521 - posted 1 year ago

Hunted 1st rifle 2018 for elk in 521. Hunted the Sardine & Silver creek drainages. Some sign, a few cows, 1 non-legal bull and a TON of horse/mule hunters. Outfitters just sit at the Dark Canyon horse park & pack in out-of-staters to drop camps. I hiked in ~ 7 miles 2 days prior to open to camp at 10,800 ft. Come opening morning, there were big packs of horse hunters all up and down the drainages. Nothing against horses (hell, I'd use 'em if I had them) but they muck up all the trails and the hunters just won't get off them at all. Instead of using the horses to get to the bottom of a drainage/camp then hunt on foot from there, most of them will hunt their entire day straight from horsebakc blowing cow calls non-stop. My 2 cents - the southern portion of the Raggeds (Anthracine creek and south) is no good because of all the noise and scent from outfitters blowing out the herds. There are elk here but you need to get away from places that pack animals can get to.