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New for 2020: Colorado limited license "Secondary Draw" replaces the leftover draw - posted 1 month ago

Gary H. Its obvious we both agree there are problems with the system. But as someone who has played the lists of returning tags and bought one almost every year I can't imagine this happens as much as you think. And yes you are correct they do go to the list after 5 people deny it. But unless someone has insider info with CPW of when that tag will drop its almost impossible to time that. But I do agree if you pick up a tag over a certain point value of the leftover list you should lose your points. I just completely disagree with ending the ability to return a tag. Life happens, other hunts happen. Why should someone who spent potentially thousands of dollars lose all their points if they have a family emergency or conflict with another hunt or work. That's just cruel. Yes the game is broken, but you still have to play it if you want good hunts.

New for 2020: Colorado limited license "Secondary Draw" replaces the leftover draw - posted 1 month ago

Although I completely agree Colorado's system badly needs revamped. The complaining about the tag returning doesn't make sense. Someone returning a high value tag actually helps the system more. For one if you draw a tag and return it you do not get a point for that year falling off the top of the point pile. Secondly the high point value tags don't just go to the list, CPW is required to call a certain number of people who were next on the list and offer them that tag thus voiding their points. So its better because one guy misses a point and another gets the tag and goes back to zero. If its a low point tag who cares, watch the list, pick up a tag and enjoy. Now again back to my initial point. Colorado's system as with many states still is in need of update to match current demand.

Colorado changes license program for elk - posted 1 month ago

I agree with Gary H. I think after they see the mess this causes with people moving around to other OTC units we will see all Archery be draw within a few years. Sadly the crowding issues in Colorado have gotten extreme the last decade.

Colorado wolf ballot may have enough support - posted 3 months ago

Help by going to and donating. This should be an all hands on deck moment for everyone who hunts and recreates in the state of Colorado.

Colorado wants public input on big game management - posted 1 year ago

Some rumors I overheard from a CO P&R officer at the sportsman expo is that they are going to stop archery season for the week of Muzzy and then restart for one week after. Has anyone else heard anything like this?