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Idaho 2021 nonresident tag and license fee increase - posted 3 weeks ago

It would be interesting to see what Idaho would do if NR's decided that they were going to spend their money in another location for two years. I'm sure Idaho residents would love all of their public lands to themselves the first year. Would hate the extra costs that they would have to incur for all of the revenue they would be missing out on.

I like that Idaho has a draw and everyone in the draw has an equal opportunity, and supply and demand economics state that all western states aren't charging enough for their tags because people are willing to pay what they charge for the tags. It just forces people to make harder decisions and will limit who can afford to go on these hunts.

ALERT: Idaho House approves decrease in nonresident tags, but increase in fees - posted 2 months ago

I'm a NR and I feel any state has the right to do with their resources as they see fit. The challenge is that if a state takes an exclusive attitude (limiting opportunity and increasing cost for example here) to their resources and the people who are paying for that experience don't get their value from the experience they are paying for. They are going to stop being willing to pay for the experience.

I'll probably keep Idaho as my "I still want to hunt out west state" because Colorado has so many hunters. I'll be willing to pay the extra, but that might also mean that I spend less at the local spots when I am not hunting. I also will likely not feel bad if Idaho suddenly starts losing revenue due to no one wanting to hunt their state and they start charging the residents more to makeup for the lack of NR's.

The door swings both ways. Good opportunity keeps people for the premium. Poor opportunity and people complain.

*Steps off soapbox*

Proposed changes to SD bighorn sheep hunting causes controversy - posted 1 year ago

It would be interesting to know how much South Dakota earns on pheasant hunting each year, because I'm pretty sure it's significantly more than the auction sheep tag would ever bring in. As usual ,South Dakota is making bad decisions on big game to support small game.

Technology in hunting - When not to use it - posted 1 year ago

To be clear my only disagreement is with the Internet comment.

@josh k.

You do realize there is a bit of an ethical delima about someone making a living on the internet and complaining about the information posted there resulting in more people is an area.

If someone lives away from the Western States and cannot make trips to those States to do years of scouting, they will use whatever resources that they have at their disposal. So someone posting their harvest online and showing great photos of the scenery while on the hunt are naturally going to attract attention. So you're holding everyone to a great standard. "Like the places I go and the things that I do so I can make a living doing this, but shame on you for doing those same things." It's no different than the locals in an area being reluctant to talk to outsiders for the same reasons. They don't want to lose their spots to over pressure so they don't tell anyone about them.

It's a great article, but please realize that you are slightly holding people to a double standard.