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Pennsylvania men acquitted of most charges after attacking game warden - posted 2 months ago

That seems like a very poor judgement, I am assuming the game officer identified himself and was also wearing a uniform and badge. People need to respect the law and more importantly the fine individuals that protect and uphold those laws.

Kentucky sends Wisconsin 60 more elk - posted 7 months ago

It is great that WI is getting more elk, the effort of all the various parties is encouraging. However, the wolf population in northern WI will prevent any natural population growth. The wolves need to be managed here, wolf season needs to be reopened to allow humans to again be a part of the natural ecosystem.

Are wolves a solution to CWD? — some wolf advocates think so - posted 7 months ago

Wolves would be a great way to eliminate wolf advocates too. Reintroduce them in the advocates backyard and watch them run!! Wolves have desimated many of the deer herds in northern Wisconsin, to my knowledge the areas in WI with wolves do not have CWD.
Until I hear confirmation of CWD being an issue with humans I will oppose the eradication of deer. If a deer looks sick I won't eat it. My grandpa grew up in northern WI, they saw sick looking deer when he was young. They would shoot the sick deer and not eat it, and that was in a time when they had no money for food or extra bullets.
Very, very poor arguing points from the advocates.

Three ways to get your backcountry hunting setup lighter - posted 1 year ago

I have archery elk hunted with several small groups in the backcountry over the last five or six great way to save weight is to work as a team. By this i mean, coordinate every item taken so as to not have duplicates in the team. We plan to hunt two guys to a group so we typically leave our spike camp in the morning with one kill kit. Two stoves aren't needed, multiple water filtration devices haven't been necessary, we'll boil if we get in a bind, two guys per mountain house meal has served us well as dinner (If you're still hungry snack on misc items) Removing some of the extra pockets, straps, etc off my pack saved me some major weight. And like Josh said knowing the limits of your clothing and personal comfort needs can help avoid over packing due to fear.