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Does the cost of wild game meat pencil out? - posted 1 year ago

Excellent article and very thought-provoking. I consider costs when I go hunting and, as a result, don't participate in hunts where I deem the tag to be cost-prohibitive. Additionally, I use my equipment until it no longer functions (my bow is a 2010 model) but still consider my equipment's depreciated value when I determine how much the meat actually cost my family. I love hunting and shooting my bow but I am still mindful of how much an item costs and generally refrain from purchasing top shelf products, when I can see from historical data that cheaper and less-advanced items will do the job just as well.

Utah bowhunter attacked by mountain lion - posted 1 year ago

I don't think they should kill the mountain lion when it is behaving like a mountain lion up in the mountains. Now, when the mountain lion heads to town and starts to act like a mountain lion, then it should be killed. When humans are in the woods, they should take precautions so they don't end up being metabolized by a wolf, mountain lion, or bear. It is a risk we take and the not the mountain lion's fault.

The stoveless backcountry hunting food list - 2.0 - posted 1 year ago

Excellent and informative article. Thank you for detailing your rationale behind your meal plan and preparation method.

My name is Brady Miller and I have severe target panic - posted 1 year ago

I had target panic from 1994 to this summer. I finally bought a hydraulic release that fires after a period of time at full draw. I practiced with it for a full month without shooting any other release style and can now place my pin wherever I want on the target with any release type, even releases with crappy triggers. Consider the hydraulic type - you cannot manipulate it to fire on command. Good luck.

By the way, I have clicked on your articles regarding your packing list and cook-less method of eating dozens of times.