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ALERT: Idaho House approves decrease in nonresident tags, but increase in fees - posted 1 month ago

This article is misleading. A 10% increase is not much, but that is not what is going on here. Right now a NR hunting license is $153, it’s going up to $183.50. That’s a %17 increase. Not much compared to other state’s. Deer tag is $301.50, going up to $350. A 14% increase. Again, not much. Still cheaper than all other states but Utah. Elk right now is $416, going up to $650. That’s a 36% increase. Elk and deer tags are their money makers. I’m an Oregon resident and I hunt deer and elk in Idaho every year. I can tell you the overcrowding is not from non residents. There are only 12,500 NR elk and 14,000 NR deer tags available while there is no end to the amount of resident tags available with the exception of a few capped units. Anyone ever been in 39 opening weekend of deer season? It’s worse than Seattle traffic and it’s not a bunch non residents. Non residents contribute 57% of IDFG annual revenue. I highly doubt they will recover that percentage. It’s been nice to hunt Idaho for cheaper than other states on a general tag, but their non resident draw odds are impossible, and the fee increase will discourage a few hunters but anybody who has money to hunt out of state and is dedicated to hunting won’t be discouraged by this. The only discouraging thing is less NR tags. They will see that it’ll still be crowded and without us.