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How to purchase Utah bonus and preference points - posted 2 weeks ago

@Brady M. - You and GoHunt produce excellent content and an excellent overall product- it has helped me tremendously. Thank you for that. My original comment was not meant as an attack on either. I just question how much these "step-by-step"/ "hand-holding" type articles really help the state of western hunting as a whole, especially in a state like Utah, which is already pretty straightforward and where point creep is a big problem. With an overall trend towards lower draw odds in most states, it seems you guys are almost helping to "cook the golden goose" y'all have built the business around. I too, am relatively new to western hunting and not from a western state, but managed to figure this stuff out on my own, through a little digging and diligence. I'm sure people do request these type of articles. I'm sure people would also very much appreciate the GPS coordinates of trailheads and drainages that you hunt. I just feel like there are still some things people need to figure out on their own and something like how to buy a hunting license/points feels like it's in that category. If someone isn't resourceful enough to put those basics together, I question how successful they're going to be as a hunter. The fact it's even being requested, seems to be a symptom of laziness. Just my $0.02, though. Thanks again for a solid product.

How to purchase Utah bonus and preference points - posted 2 weeks ago

This reeks of desperation to produce content. Do we really need “step by step” instructions on how to purchase points in Utah? If someone doesn’t care enough or is simply too lazy/inept to figure out on their own how to apply, should they really even be applying in the first place? Completely aside from the point creep discussion...

Groups file intent to sue over governmental plans to kill 72 grizzlies - posted 1 month ago

Mike, I can see what you mean with regard to my “your line of thinking” comment. It was not my intention to lecture and apologies that it came across as a bit arrogant.

Groups file intent to sue over governmental plans to kill 72 grizzlies - posted 2 months ago

Mike W... your line of thinking is the problem, not the bears. Private interests should not come at public expense. The bears are not the problem, human intrusion, fear, and lack of tolerance is. If ranchers want to mooch off of public land, as they seem to love to do, they should do so at their own risk and expect to lose cattle. Ranchers seem to be anti- federal government when it suits them, yet at the same time expect near constant handouts and special treatment from the federal government. It is not the government's job to create a sterile, hazard-free feed lot for them graze cattle in, on land that is owned by a vast majority who has no stake in cattle grazing. It always boggles my mind when people insert themselves into grizzly habitat, by choice, yet the first thing they do when they get there, is bitch about grizzlies. If ranchers, hipsters, hunters, or anybody else are so fearful of grizzlies, there are 45 states they are welcome to move to, work in, or recreate in, that do not have them...

Hunter defends viral mountain lion video and photo - posted 1 year ago

Josh A. hit the nail on the head. Hunters are their own worst enemies by posting dumb and classless stuff like this and then make it worse by trying to justify it with logic that doesn't hold up to any kind of scrutiny. The "piss on the anti-hunting people" attitude is as unproductive as it is simple-minded. We hunt at the pleasure of non-hunters (which are different than anti-hunters) and there are way more non-hunters than there are of us. Social media posts like that turn non-hunters into anti-hunters and thats a problem that we as hunters can control, by simply not doing it.