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Groups sue over supplemental feeding program in National Elk Refuge - posted 8 months ago

I believe there are 17 feed grounds in Wyoming and not 1 confirmed case of CWD. I know the antis are hoping and praying for it so they can say I told you so. There is no where for the Yellowstone herds to go. They are landlocked at Jackson and traditional winter range is unobtainable. Hunters are not going to sit by idly and let these animals starve. And we sure as hell are not going to listen to radicals from California on what is best for our elk.

Groups sue over supplemental feeding program in National Elk Refuge - posted 8 months ago

107 years of feeding elk, but a San Francisco think tank knows what's best. Laughable. They only sue the govt when they know the judge is in their pocket and they can win. Then, thru a law established in the 1980s, they can make the govt pay their legal fees. Never intended to be abused like this, Earth Justice and their slime bag lawyers found a loophole. Call your representatives today and tell them you demand reform to the Equal Access to Justice Act. Some cases the have won got billed out at 600 dollars an hour for attorney fees. Put an end to their nonsense once and for all by crippling their Cash cow!

No more federal protections for gray wolves? - posted 1 year ago

How can a wolf in Wisconsin, head north into Canada, and not be protected anymore. And, how can a wolf in Canada, head south into the US and become protected? This is the first legitimate piece of legislation coming out of DC in 2 years. Regulated seasons and population monitoring, like done in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming, will ensure a much healthier population for her nters to pursue. Babbling nonsense, like Jennifer and Daniel post, do nothing to add to the sound science that says remove them from the ES list. I read about the river banks in Yellowstone also. All I got out of it was that all the mature trees would be killed by the beavers rather than the saplings being eaten by elk.

Wildlife photographer draws coveted Wyoming grizzly tag - posted 1 year ago

These loons have been using this tactic on Wyoming's bison hunt for years. Hence the low success rate. Ultimately, the game and fish was warned of this hinderance in advance. If they would have increased the application fee to say $200.00, alot less of them would have put in. And, the ones that did would at least be paying a considerable amount towards conservation. It will do nothing more than force the game and fish to up quotas next year to compensate for the resistors.

Wyoming approves 4 month wolf season - posted 1 year ago

News to me. Now I need to change my vacation.