Mother saves child from mountain lion attack in Washington

Attack occurred on Saturday in Olympic National Park

Mother saves child from mountain lion attack in Washington

An eight-year-old child is lucky to be alive following a mountain lion attack on Saturday in Olympic National Park in Washington. The child’s mother reacted to the swift attack by yelling and screaming at the mountain lion, which then “casually abandoned” its prey, according to The Guardian.

The incident occurred as they camped near Lake Angeles. Park officials responded at 6:30 p.m. local time after the attack was reported. Fortunately, the child received only minor injuries although they were taken to a nearby hospital for a full examination.

The animal’s whereabouts are not known at this time; however, park officials are still trying to track it down. If found, the mountain lion will be euthanized.

Mountain lion attacks are considered rare, but obviously can happen. Park officials recommend that “visitors not hike or jog alone, and to keep children within sight and close to adults.”

“Leave pets at home and be alert to your surroundings when hiking,” said park officials. “If you meet a [mountain lion], it is important to not run because it could trigger the [mountain lion’s] attack instinct. Instead, people should group together, appear as large as possible, keep eyes on the animal, make lots of noise and shout loudly. Throwing rocks or objects at the [mountain lion] is also recommended.”

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