Tether strap for tree



The second component in the Fall Arrest System (FAS) is the tether (safety) strap that attaches to the tree. This strap is the safety harness anchor point. When the hunter is standing on the platform, attach this safety strap to the tree at eye level or above. When sitting, there should be NO slack in the tether. Having no slack in the tether will prevent the hunter from falling more than a few inches. Remember, it is much better to fall a few inches than several feet.

A third component of the FAS/FBH is the suspension relief device. Hunters should always have their suspension relief aid handy and ready to use in case of a fall. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions and practice using your FAS/FBH at ground level with a responsible adult before using it aloft in your treestand.

Additionally, there are several optional, commercially available self-recovery or self-extraction devices. These optional devices enable the user to be safely lowered to the ground automatically, or under the user’s control. Consider one of these devices to use as an additional safety precaution against prolonged suspension trauma.

Remember! If you do fall, practice your 3 R’s: Rescue, Relief, Recover.

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