Quick tips for shooting a rifle



Whether shooting in the field or at the range, remember these key shooting fundamentals to take the best shots possible:

  • Always wear eye and ear protection.

  • Always follow firearm safety rules.

  • Your shot accuracy will increase when using a steady rest. When in the field, a steady rest could be a log, stump or even your coat.

  • Obtain the sight picture and hold it.

  • Steady your breathing. Take a deep breath, and exhale about half-way.

  • Squeeze the trigger with a steady pressure. Jerking the trigger will change the sight picture, which will cause the bullet to miss the center of the target.

  • After the shot is fired, continue to squeeze the trigger. If you lift your head or jerk the rifle, the shot may be thrown off-target by the movement of the rifle. This waiting period is called the follow through.

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