Muzzleloader cleaning and maintenance tools



These tools will keep your muzzleloader in good working order.

Cleaning jagsCleaning jags remove fouling and powder residue. They can be attached to a cleaning ramrod.

Patch pullerA patch puller helps retrieve a patch, which can get stuck in a firearm's barrel.

Nipple wrench and pickThe nipple wrench and pick unscrew the nipple for inspection and clean the nipple's flash channel.

Bullet starterThe bullet starter loads a bullet in the muzzle end of a firearm.

Priming toolThe priming tool helps seat the primer on to the nipple of a firearm.

Bullet pullerIf a bullet is accidentally loaded without the powder charge, the bullet puller can pull it out from the firearm safely.

CO2 bullet dischargerThe CO2 bullet discharger mounts on the nipple. One pull of its trigger forces a stuck projectile out of the barrel. Make sure the muzzle is pointed in a safe direction when using this tool.

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