Loading and firing a muzzleloading firearm safety checklist



The loading and firing a muzzleloading firearm is a pretty impressive sight. Before attempting this process yourself, make sure you have an experienced muzzleloader shooter around to show you first and answer any questions you might have.

Safety checklist

  • Always read the owner's manual for any firearm before taking it out to shoot.

  • When loading, always ensure the firearm is pointed upward and away from your face and body.

  • Use a stable rest for your firearm to prevent tipping.

  • Check to see if the muzzleloader is loaded by inserting a pre-marked ramrod into the barrel.

  • When the mark on the ramrod disappears into the barrel, the firearm is unloaded.

  • You can now safely begin to load the firearm; make sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions.

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