The longbow is a large, powerful, lightweight bow. For a novice archer, a longbow is the most difficult bow style to use. Not all longbows have an arrow shelf for an arrow rest. They also do not shoot as fast as the recurve or compound bow.

A longbow also does not have a "let-off" point, meaning that the archer feels the total draw weight of the bow through the entire draw. When the string is drawn back, energy is stored in the limbs until the archer releases the bow string, which propels the arrow to the target at high speed.

Bowhunters who prefer a more traditional hunt with recurve bows and longbows may have few accessories or additional parts on their bows in order to increase the challenge of the hunt. Bowhunters who use the compound bow, by contrast, may add several accessories to support an accurate, vibration-free and quiet shooting experience.

Whichever bow type you choose, remember to always follow the manufacturer's instructions for safe handling and use of your bow.

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