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All Insiders already have access to everything GOHUNT Maps (web/desktop and the mobile app on the App Store and the Google Play Store). GOHUNT Maps are included in your membership at no additional cost. Plus all Insiders have access to our research tools: Filtering 2.0, Draw Odds, Point Tracker, and you have access to read all of the Insider only Application Strategy articles. In addition, Insiders get Gear Shop Rewards in the GOHUNT Gear Shop.

You do not need to purchase our standalone maps membership to access maps; Explorer is our new maps-only membership for those who don't need all the research tools at this time. With Explorer, users get everything maps related, but they don't get access to the Insider research section of GOHUNT.

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Dates & Deadlines

05/25/22 South Dakota Elk Application Deadline
05/31/22 Idaho Super Hunt Application Deadline
05/31/22 Wyoming Deer, Antelope & Resident Elk Application Deadline
06/01/22 Montana Antelope, Deer B, Elk B, Antelope B Application Deadline
06/02/22 California All Species Application Deadline
06/05/22 Idaho Controlled Deer, Elk, Antelope & Fall Bear Application Deadline
06/05/22 Iowa Whitetail Deer Application Deadline
06/08/22 North Dakota Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer Application Deadline
06/10/22 Kansas Resident Deer Application Deadline
06/10/22 Kansas Elk, Antelope Application Deadline
06/13/22 Nevada Big Game Second Draw Application Deadline
06/14/22 Arizona Deer, Sheep, Bison Application Deadline
06/16/22 Utah Antlerless Elk, Antlerless Deer Application Deadline
06/24/22 Nebraska Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer, Antelope, Resident Elk Application Deadline
06/24/22 Wyoming Leftover Draw Application Deadline
06/29/22 Montana Super Tag Application Deadline
06/30/22 Montana Nonresident Alternate List Sign Up Deadline
07/01/22 Nevada First Come, First Served Tags Start Date
07/05/22 Colorado Secondary Draw Application Deadline
07/12/22 Utah General Season Sale Date For Archery Elk Permits & Remaining Limited Entry Available
07/13/22 Wyoming First Come, First Serve Available
07/13/22 Wyoming Resident OTC Deer, Elk Licenses Available
07/14/22 Utah General Season Sale Date Any Bull Elk Permits Available
07/19/22 Utah Remaining General Season Deer If Available & Youth Archery Available
07/21/22 Utah Antlerless Permits Sale Date (If Available)
07/21/22 Tentative Montana Deer, Elk Permits, Deer B, Elk B License Surplus List Signup
07/26/22 Utah General Season Sale Date For Spike Elk Permits Available
08/02/22 Colorado OTC & Leftover Limited Licenses Available
08/05/22 Tentative Idaho Returned/Leftover Deer, Elk Tags Available To Residents & Nonresidents
08/05/22 Nebraska Resident Bighorn Sheep Application Deadline
08/15/22 Tentative Idaho 2nd Controlled Draw Application Deadline
08/17/22 South Dakota Antelope Firearm Application Deadline
08/27/22 Tentative Montana Antelope, Antelope B, Special Mountain Lion Surplus List Signup
09/03/22 Tentative North Dakota Antelope Application Deadline
09/30/22 Montana Bonus Points Only Purchase Deadline
10/11/22 Tentative Arizona Spring Bison, Black Bear & Javelina Application Deadline
10/31/22 South Dakota Antelope Archery and Mentored Firearms Application Deadline
11/01/22 Wyoming Points Only Purchase Deadline
11/09/22 Utah Resident Only Sportsman Permit Application Deadline
11/30/22 Oregon Points Only Purchase Deadline
12/01/22 2023 Season Idaho Nonresident Deer, Elk General Season Purchase Date Opens
12/15/22 Tentative South Dakota Points Purchase Deadline
12/31/22 Montana Preference Point Purchase Deadline
03/31/23 Washington Multi-Season Permit Application Deadline