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Turkey vs Sleeping Bag — The goHUNT Stress Test

Sleeping bag stress test

We are constantly throwing ideas around the office on how we can test the durability of products in our Gear Shop. These stress tests are going to be a little different from the norm...

This week's test, we are comparing the Western Mountaineering Alpinlite 20°, Big Agnes Skeeter SL 20°, and the KLYMIT KSB 20° sleeping bag. You might be asking yourself what a cooked turkey has to do with sleeping bags; you'll just have to check out the video to find out more.

Let us know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions on other hunting gear stress tests that we should do.

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Hello G. - posted 2 years ago on 12-12-2017 03:43:17 pm
San Francisco, CA

Some bears smelling leftover Thanksgiving turkey are going to eat the poor saps who buy these bags. #bearincamp #tastybackcountryhunters #yumyumsleepingbags #sleepingbagsthey'rewhat'sfordinner

stephen s. - posted 2 years ago on 12-08-2017 04:04:55 pm

Why not just a bag of heated water with a wireless sensor inside. You can then get a temperature curve as it loses heat without opening the freezer and disturbing the cold.

Gerald O. - posted 2 years ago on 12-08-2017 07:24:55 am

I am now dumber. But yeah it was kind of cool.