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New documentary video series released — THE OFFSEASON. This series will take you inside the goHUNT office. See what goes on behind the scenes of a hunting company from the strategy meetings, business plans, future goals and the highs and lows. Through this series we will be seeking feedback on our strategy and enhancements so let us know what you think!





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Brad A. - posted 3 years ago on 02-28-2017 09:18:02 pm
Tehachapi, California

looks like a place I need to work ! crown and hunting what more do I need!!!

Brady J. Miller
Brady M. - posted 3 years ago on 02-22-2017 02:09:10 pm
Las Vegas, NV
goHUNT Team

Hi Tyler.

We greatly value your thoughts. I'm going to tackle the section you mentioned in regards to application strategy articles. We have been getting feedback recently that users would like to see them sooner. Going forward I'm going to be releasing them at least 3.5-4 weeks before the state deadline. In the past we have released them closer to the deadline to ensure we can get the best information possible, but we have heard people want them a little sooner. I prefer to avoid the typical magazine style or rushing information out to users before states finalize things. That drove me crazy back in the day reading magazines when everything they mentioned, I had to re-research because they have incomplete and inaccurate information because they are limited by magazine shipment dates. But I also understand the need to really plan things out.

The nice part about Filtering 2.0, Draw Odds, Unit Profiles and State and Species Profiles is that those INSIDER tools are always available for research and they are constantly updated behind the scenes when states release new regulations. I like to think of the application strategy articles as supplements to the current research tools on INSIDER. But I also totally see the other side of it as well. I know I am probably not the norm, but I always wait to apply the last few days of the app deadline so I can fully see the big picture of what is going on with winter kill and other tag changes for example. But yes, getting these app articles out sooner would be better and will be better going forward. I have Utah elk and antelope publishing tomorrow, and sheep, moose, goat publishing on Friday.

If you have any questions in the meantime or anything we can help you with, feel free to shoot me an email. I'd be glad to help you out.

Thanks for being an INSIDER!

Tyler N. - posted 3 years ago on 02-22-2017 01:40:48 pm
Nampa, Idaho

I enjoy seeing the behind the scenes footage of I am especially excited for the new features that are coming our way. However, I believe it is important to note that needs to concentrate on their base products first (Draw odds, Filtering 2.0 and Strategy articles). Extras are nice but it is the original products that matter most. That is what we (the consumers) signed up for. Accurate and timely information to be specific. I can't help but show displeasure when I see other content being published (like behind the scenes footage) when I am waiting for hunting information such as strategy articles to be published. does publish estimated timelines for hunting information and seems to usually blow past those timelines. I'll use Utah as an example, was suppose to publish Utah strategy articles in early February, but have only published one species as of today. Habits like this become frustrating when other publications and websites already have their information out. Hunters are naturally on time and usually early so waiting on hunting information during application season doesn't sit well.

I have always been super happy with the information provided by Their timeliness is my concern. I know publishing the most correct and current info is critical but getting that info published is equally critical. Perhaps hiring extra personnel to help get the information out on time would be better use of new hires. Also updating gohunt.coms estimated timelines for publishing would be beneficial.

I believe the best way to grow and keep a company going strong is to ensure the consumers are happy. Specifically the original consumers who were vital for helping to establish the company. Get us the meat and potatoes accurately and on time is the key to this.

Lorenzo S.
Lorenzo S. - posted 3 years ago on 02-13-2017 09:59:38 am world headquarters
goHUNT Team

@Craig H. -

Thanks you for the positive feedback! Im happy goHUNT can make an Aussie's hunting life easier in the states too haha. If there is ever anything specific you would like to know, don't hesitate to reach out.


Craig H. - posted 3 years ago on 02-11-2017 02:41:50 am
Killabakh, NSW Australia

Being an Aussie and trying to research states/units etc from Australia before I found you guys was simply impossible. I can't thank you guys enough for the quality content gohunt offers.
Getting an insight into your business is simply cool and something different to the norm. I can't wait to watch your ride as your business continues to grow.
I need to get me one of those hats.
All the best guys.

Lorenzo S.
Lorenzo S. - posted 3 years ago on 02-08-2017 02:50:17 pm world headquarters
goHUNT Team

@ Brent D. -

haha perfect wording for it.

As for the mapping - I don't have much to say at the moment for what is possible for us in the short term yet, but mapping is definitely something we have on our enhancement list. There is nothing like being able to visually see things...


Brent D. - posted 3 years ago on 02-08-2017 02:54:24 pm
Parma, Idaho're spot on. Not "waste", poor wording. How about "Benefiting Time Consumption". lol.

I may research a unit one day, and mark it down for the one I want...then go back a few days or week later, and discover that another unit makes more sense. That's what I love about it...always something new it seems like.

I think another commenter had a great idea. If you could somehow get State, BLM, Access Yes, etc. into your map view. That would be very awesome. Seeing a percentage of private land is nice, but being able to see where the public land is on a unit is also very beneficial.

Lorenzo S.
Lorenzo S. - posted 3 years ago on 02-08-2017 02:19:27 pm world headquarters
goHUNT Team

@ Brent D. -

Mark it down for the hat trick!

Customer service is something we take very seriously within the culture of goHUNT and something we try to get better at everyday. I appreciate you noticing that side of us.

As for Boise - We do need to get there, Idaho is a great state for hunters and I have some very good memories from within the state. This week we are at the Pacific Northwest Sportsman's show in Oregon, but making our way back up in August is a pretty good idea...

Comments within the "Unit Profiles" - I couldn't agree more! our profiles in Wyoming have really started to catch traction with that. We have always viewed our comment section within the profiles as our communication bridge between our INSIDER's. There is nothing better than a community of people offering and giving feedback to those lucky enough to be hunting the same units in future years. That is a great point you bring up about it though, for us to truly make it a communication tool for our users there needs to be better communication. We will definitely put some thought to this and the idea you have for it. Thanks for the thought.

Points to your profile - YES. that is all for now haha.

Odds on doe/cow - Yes, we actually have this built out to a pretty good place at the moment but unfortunately that enhancement has had to take a backseat to some pressing things that needed to be done in a timely manner. We will definitely be picking this build back up to get it to our members for next application season. Sorry for the wait on that...

We appreciate your thoughts! And I agree, I can definitely "waste" a lot of time in my day on INSIDER...

P.s. - I have waste in quotes for a reason.. - is a day really wasted if I learn about a new hunt to go on??

Brent D. - posted 3 years ago on 02-08-2017 10:43:53 am
Parma, Idaho

One of the greatest attributes outside the actual content of the data with regards to being an Insider member, is the customer service I've received. When I have a question (whether it be email, or a comment on an article), I have gotten quick responses from Chris & Brady...I'm expecting to finally get the hat trick by Lorenzo replying to me on this one. 5 stars for that, especially considering everything that you guys have going on, and are still able to make time for your subscribers.

As mentioned many times, I'm looking forward to hopefully seeing you guys come to something in Boise, maybe the Great Northwest Outdoor Expo in August. Idaho might be small in population, but we have some very passionate hunters here.

One thing I've noticed, and would like to see grow is people posting in the comments under the different units, asking questions from others that have hunted the area. It might be nice to have a board of some sorts...even if it's just by state where people could go to see if new comments where posted for that state in any of the units. Otherwise...the only time you see them is if you actually go to that unit, and scroll to the very bottom.

I'm also in favor of being able to add your points to your profile so it keeps them, or checks them. There must be a way...I know the Pointhunter App does it. I'd rather have it available here, and have it automatically compile that information into the state I'm researching so I don't have to keep doing it previously mentioned. This would be a great addition.

Also, and maybe you're working on this...but to see doe and cow odds on units as well, as some of us are meat hunters, and sometimes focus in on those hunts, as well as extra tags.

Keep up the good work, this site is very beneficial...and if your not careful you can spend all day just playing on it!

Lorenzo S.
Lorenzo S. - posted 3 years ago on 02-07-2017 10:47:47 am world headquarters
goHUNT Team

@ Brett H. -

Thanks for sharing the detailed thoughts!

We definitely agree that e-commerce can be a beast, especially when we are going to house the products onsite and not drop-shipping from the manufactures. The vision of e-comm for us, is the opportunity to create something new within the industry and something that will separate us from traditional e-comm business's from day one of our launch given the way we can inter-connect our existing tech-stack to it. What we can capitalize on and where we can take our e-comm offering was decided to be worth it within the walls of goHUNT. We are ready to bring something new to our users!

On aggregating video assets from within the industry - We have talked about that and actually put a bit of effort into it in the past, but it seemed to be multi-directional and in a more simple term, like herding cats. With the various platforms readily available for content producers in both growth and distribution verticals (i.e YouTube, Vimeo, Brand platforms), it made it less valuable for us to build out the aggregative abilities on the video side. Content producers are finding great value in producing, and distributing their own content. So with that, we decided we would just control, create and distribute our own video assets to help support our brand qualities. I am always willing to listen though, If you have thoughts on how to aggregate video content and a way to monetize it i'd love to hear it.

Mapping is definitely on our road map and is something we are taking very seriously at the moment...

On your yelp comment - That is exactly what we set out to do with our "Outfitter Directory" and the exact vision we had for it. (Great thinking...). I am not happy about it but, we have not been giving that side of our business the attention it deserves. However, we are looking to build that model out further this year. At the moment, id say its about 50% of the way there...

And as always, with our free content offering we are always focused on growing the "community" of goHUNT, and its something we very much enjoy doing. We plan on really driving that home this year with more video assets and more goHUNT Original content. Hopefully we can continue to build the future of the western hunting community.

Thanks again for taking the time to give us detailed thoughts.


Brett H. - posted 3 years ago on 02-06-2017 01:08:01 pm

Not knowing the details behind your plans, it's hard to judge how e-commerce can be an area of growth. It's very challenging to differentiate and stay unique. e-commerce is often a game of margins and can be a race to the bottom in my opinion. Plus you then deal with physical inventory mgmt, forecasts, returns, etc. (headaches). I would stick with digital products...better scale, organic growth potential, more unique, bigger "moat" with higher switching costs for customers....the list goes on. Video could be interesting and has it's benefits (valuable in perpetuity if produced right), but can be expensive to produce....and it takes a lot of time. There's a lot of video coming online as decent video equipment is available to everyone. Maybe consider aggregating what's out there, becoming the digital gateway for hunting content. Hence, you avoid all the costs and still own the audience....much like you did with draw data.

If I was you...I would go after OnxMaps. They're killing it. That subscription business is a goldmine. Like goHunt.. it's all publicly available data aggregated in one place and packaged for the audience. Test one State with the right attributes (i.e. lots of non-resident hunters, checkerboard land ownership, etc) and see what happens (i.e. Colorado).

Or focus on community....what does web 4.0 look like for hunters looking for their "community". I say this in a sense of people finding other people like themselves with similar interests and passions. User Generated Content is powerful stuff...the organic marketplace of content. That's where all the knowledge and experience sits. i.e. you do a detailed search on info and more often than not you end up on a personal review or more likely a web 1.0 message board. There's a big opportunity there to re-define it.

The Yelp equivalent of outfitters and guides would be super interesting. A whole ecosystem could be built around that. A SaaS platform for guides and how they manage their business could be interesting as well. Their process is manual and super inefficient today (communications, booking, info, marketing, crm, etc).

Lorenzo S.
Lorenzo S. - posted 3 years ago on 02-06-2017 09:40:43 am world headquarters
goHUNT Team

@John V. -

Great call on the default settings... I will see what that will take for a build-out and see when it would be possible to have. Thanks for the input!

@Sebastian S. -

That enhancement is definitely on our radar, we have had that feedback from a lot of other INSIDER's. We will definitely have the upgrade done before the end of the year, but its possible we could have it within the next 90 or so days as we are trying too get it done for this years application season.

Thanks guys!

Sebastian S. - posted 3 years ago on 02-05-2017 05:28:56 pm
Dallas, Texas

One insider feature I would certainly use is the ability to filter by public land %.

John V. - posted 3 years ago on 02-04-2017 11:25:46 am
New Mexico

@Steven E.

That's definitely one thing I would like to see. I would also like to see Insider filtering default to my current point levels and residency status when browsing. It's a minor irritant to be constantly setting all that. That is the one major change I would like to see.

Great product and thanks for simplifying this process. I have decided to start applying/building points an additional states now that you guys have made my life easier in the research department.

Lorenzo S.
Lorenzo S. - posted 3 years ago on 02-04-2017 10:55:01 am world headquarters
goHUNT Team

@Steven E. -

Really appreciate the feedback and the thoughts.

I share the same want as you, I currently am earning and having to keep track of points in 7 different sates right now. It gets overwhelming sometimes! We have thrown around some loose ideas in the office of how to solve this headache for the hunters dealing with this.

As we start to materialize this add-on, we will stay in touch and see if you like the direction of it and how we are going to plug it into the rest of the products within INSIDER.


Lorenzo S.
Lorenzo S. - posted 3 years ago on 02-04-2017 10:49:54 am world headquarters
goHUNT Team

@Bruce H. -

Thank you! We are looking froward to innovating even more in this industry.

Steven E. - posted 3 years ago on 02-04-2017 10:26:21 am

One thing that might be a nice add on for insiders. A way in our profile to keep up with points and point deadline dates(with reminders). While trying to build points in 3-5 states it would be nice to have one place to keep up with everything. IE when I log in and my profile comes up a list. Wyoming-3 elk, 2 Ant-Arizona 7 elk, 7 deer or something similar. There are multiple "add ons" that could go from there forward, click your points and see what units your high percentage tags are in this year. Would be some work but could add to customer retention. Thanks for great work and a very useful site.

Bruce H. - posted 3 years ago on 02-03-2017 10:26:08 pm
Colorado Springs, CO

Hello goHunt crew. Your about to blow the lid off the digital hunting world. You guys are real people in real places building a real business that will grow your exponentially as you build your social media presence. Great beginning

Lorenzo S.
Lorenzo S. - posted 3 years ago on 02-03-2017 06:57:08 am world headquarters
goHUNT Team

@ Bob L. -

Thanks for watching and giving some thought.

I hear you on the outside influencing part.

In the past, we have taken in some great ideas and thoughts from our iNSIDER's whether it be at convention shows or over email. So, we wanted to extend the formal invite of starting a dialogue with us if there is anything on your mind that you would like to see.

Thanks again for watching and giving some thought.

Bob L. - posted 3 years ago on 02-03-2017 01:55:11 am

I appreciate the look inside the company. Not really sure we need to see it but it is appreciated.
Feedback on your strategy or direction? That's a tough one because everybody has different needs and desires for our
e-scouting and "outdoor recreation content" for lack of a better phrase. Based on the content I see, as a whole, I'm not sure I'd want an outside influence that might change my direction.


Lorenzo S.
Lorenzo S. - posted 3 years ago on 02-02-2017 07:01:24 pm world headquarters
goHUNT Team

@Aaron P. -

haha Thanks! its the drink of choice...

Lorenzo S.
Lorenzo S. - posted 3 years ago on 02-02-2017 07:18:17 pm world headquarters
goHUNT Team

@Chad B -

No, we will not be at the Scottsdale Expo. We will be at the Pacific Northwest Sportsmen's show in portland Oregon Feb. 9-12. Also we will be at the Western hunting expo in SLC Feb 16-19.

If you are around either of those, stop on by!

Lorenzo S.
Lorenzo S. - posted 3 years ago on 02-02-2017 07:12:17 pm world headquarters
goHUNT Team

@Shannon R. & Nate J. -

Thanks for the input and your thoughts. You are right, "reality tv" and “e-commerce" are certainly not new…

In the past we have had a lot of questions from INSIDER's about how we get our information and questioning the level of our accuracy. Instead of saying how and why our information is the most accurate and valuable we decided to show it instead, to hopefully give a level deeper of what goes into it.

This will show how and why we are different, give context to our processes, give insight into how we get our numbers and information and to show the level of strategic thought we put into our new wave e-commerce offering. The way we are approaching e-commerce is again the result of an opportunity to allow us to create something new.

Thanks again,

Nate J. - posted 3 years ago on 02-02-2017 05:53:38 pm

I think making a reality show is a good idea, if that is what you set out to do. But I didn't sign up for goHUNT to watch reality show, or for eCommerce. I think you guys need to stick to your roots, hunting field information (goHUNT is the result of an opportunity to create something new for the hunting community. Our mission is to help hunters find -- and take -- their own opportunities, and to help them be successful when they do), reality tv, eCommerce isn't new. The draw information is such a valuable tool (something new), I think there are so many ideas still in the field things your not capturing. I have to agree with Shannon R. more information on hunting, better information for the units, better photos of units, and what to expect in those units. I love goHUNT, I have talked friends and family into signing up for goHUNT. Just my thoughts.

Chad B. - posted 3 years ago on 02-02-2017 05:51:07 pm
Scottsdale, AZ

Will you be attending the International Sportsmen's Expo in Scottsdale this year? It would be great to meet some goHUNT people at that event.

Shannon R. - posted 3 years ago on 02-02-2017 05:14:14 pm

Hi. I really enjoy the content you provide. Thanks to everyone!! For this Missouri hunter, who can only dream of a Western hunt, goHUNT takes me there. As far as "what goes on behind the scenes", I would question who wants it or is asking for it? Does someone think this is going to grow the business or is it meant to tap into the reality TV craze that overwhelms us now. I am sure everyone there is smarter than me, but I think too much information of behind the scenes takes away the mystery, wonder and enjoyment of the information. Much like hunting without trail cameras, I enjoy the anticipation of the unknown, the mystery of what is to come and the wonder of when I can do it again. I appreciate the personal touch you have provided in responding to previous emails and questions. Maybe the "Off season" could be more about hunting, planning, physical and mental preparation, what works and what to avoid, what you backed in and what you wish you did vs. what you should have left at home, Bear logistics, Budget equip (not everyone can afford $10, 000 in gear), instead of how a Company works. Most of us have worked in a Company and have seen the "behind the scenes". Just my opinion, still love goHUNT eitherway.

Aaron P. - posted 3 years ago on 02-02-2017 04:28:04 pm
Graham, tx

nice crown bottle on lorenzo's desk. :)