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Game Bag Abuse — The goHUNT Stress Test

Game Bag Stress Test

After your harvest, the number one priority is to preserve the meat. That's where the importance of quality game bags come into play. In this stress test, we put the Caribou Gear "Muley Meat on Bone" game bag, Alaska game bag, and a trash bag through a goHUNT beating to see which one is left standing. 

Let us know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions on other hunting gear stress tests that we should do. Also be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel here.

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Chris G. - posted 2 weeks ago on 05-04-2018 06:15:10 am
Cypress, TX

I've never heard of anyone using garbage bags; but I would be curious how a regular pillow case stacked up to game bags.

C B. - posted 2 weeks ago on 05-03-2018 05:30:12 pm

OK, stress test, I get it, but you couldn't put a ham or two from the grocery store in them and drag them through the brush or at least the parking lot? I've NEVER needed to do a pull up with game bags but I have dragged them on the ground and through dense brush. Just a thought...otherwise great content. I'm still waiting on the bone saw test. Efficiency, weight, stroke count, blade life, etc.