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Cooler Combustion — The goHUNT Stress Test

Cooler Stress Test

As you might have seen in our last stress test, we are constantly throwing ideas around the office on how we can test the durability of products in our Gear Shop. These stress tests are going to be a little different from the norm... 

Strength and durability are important with every piece of hunting equipment, even your coolers. Here at goHUNT, we decided to put the Yeti and Canyon coolers through the ultimate stress test. Drop them, throw them, and explode them. 

Let us know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions on other hunting gear stress tests that we should do. Also be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel here.

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Erik S. - posted 2 years ago on 02-27-2018 09:33:20 pm

I agree with the comments below. Poor judgment call on wasting perfectly good materials/product and littering (yea no way you picked up 5000 pieces of plastic). In no way are these videos relevant or necessary because everyone knows these coolers are bullet proof. In my experience the canyon holds ice longer and at a cheaper price to YETI. Live and learn, just never again!

Shawn T. - posted 2 years ago on 02-26-2018 10:38:57 pm

Brady there was not a bunch of guys out there on the video to clean up. A few guys picked up the big pieces and that is it. I will never purchase from a company that is publicly ruining our public land. You would never possibly be able to clean all that foam and plastic up. I'm truly disappointed in go hunt and how you finished an other wise good video and test.

Joshua T. - posted 2 years ago on 02-26-2018 07:30:41 pm

I own several yetis and they are fantastic coolers! Thanks for the video it was very entertaining! Don’t let the Debby downers keep you from making more videos.

Justin S. - posted 2 years ago on 02-26-2018 06:01:37 pm
Owatonna, man

I am disappointed that you blew them up and littered foam and plastic everywhere. Even if you would spend hours cleaning there is no way to get it all cleaned up. This doesn't show hunters/outdoorsman as caring for the environment or our public lands as I know most of us do.

Drew M. - posted 2 years ago on 02-24-2018 08:56:53 am

Not surprised at all with the Yeti Roadie performance. I have had one of those things bouncing around my truck bed for about 3 seasons now the thing is a beast. I recommend them to everyone. It’s the perfect cooler to keep drinks cold all weekend nothing better than an ice cold Gatorade after a 10+ mile hike when you get back to the truck. Way to have fun guys keep it up.

Brady J. Miller
Brady M. - posted 2 years ago on 02-23-2018 09:59:28 am
Las Vegas, NV
goHUNT Team

@John W. - Yes, these tests are a little different from the norm, you'll even see we say that on each article and YouTube video description with these. For the most part, they are not done to try and scientifically prove what product is better than the other or any repeatable means. They are just kinda off the wall testing ideas we thought up for the already top-of-the-line products that we carry in our store. Then at the end, if they make it through all of our tests, Lorenzo didn't want them to survive so he wanted to destroy the coolers. Bugle tubes as baseball bats were 100% a jokingly fun type video. We are not stopping here on the videos, and are going to be continuing to add to these and making some more involved with real hunting situations, and others modified to hunting/extreme testing. If these products can handle off the wall testing methods, they are sure to hold up to standard hunting situations. And the cooler one we did drop it from the truck going down the road multiple times (different angles of drops), even dropped it from the roof our office at different angles too. In the end, they all survived. I agree, the sleeping pad one is one of my favorites!

@Seth D. - We decided to blow them up because they made it flawlessly through all the tests. A few of us turned around and started to use those beat up coolers on the weekends because they survived so well, then they decided to film them getting fully "tested" to the limits. You'll see starting at timestamp 9:32 in the cooler video a bunch of the guys starting to run around and gather all the plastic and foam into a pile and then carried all of the pieces in multiple trips back to the truck. We had a total of 5 people cleaning up. We thought about doing the whole ice retention thing... but that has been done so many times on the internet already. It's interesting to see that these coolers can take a beating and still hold ice. They didn't include it in the video, but we have footage of the ice still being in the coolers several days after we beat them up with the truck and roof drop.

Seth D. - posted 2 years ago on 02-22-2018 10:14:53 pm
Public Lands

My kids enjoyed it, but they thought it was weird that you guys would blow them up.

It bothered me that you would do it on public land. Maybe a little post shot of interns spending hours picking up foam and plastic might have helped your cause.

It is good to see that the Yeti is so tough. It did not fare as well in a keeping stuff cold test as other's have done. There is a guy from Florida on youtube that sells about 8 or 10 brands of Yeti and similar coolers. Yeti usually ends up in the middle of the pack compared to similar rotomolded coolers for keeping ice test.

John W. - posted 2 years ago on 02-22-2018 01:51:59 pm

Look, I like blowing stuff up as much as the next guy, but the last two tests are just a waste of good equipment and don’t provide any edification on the durability of a piece of gear as it relates to hunting. Bugles as baseball bats? How about testing crush resistance, cold weather brittleness, etc. Blowing up a cooler? How about testing hinge durability under compression, dropping it from a truck bed height 100 times, throwing it from a moving vehicle, etc? There are lots of ways to break gear, albeit not as cool as explosives. Your sleeping pad test is a good example of a relevant test. Just my two cents.

Brady J. Miller
Brady M. - posted 2 years ago on 02-22-2018 09:38:02 am
Las Vegas, NV
goHUNT Team

Thank you, Ben! And that's a great idea, we will start the brainstorming process on the game bag video.

Ben L. - posted 2 years ago on 02-21-2018 05:07:33 pm

I like the stress tests! You guys are having too much fun! How about a meat sack stress test? Which top of the line game bags can hold the most hanging weight?