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BIG AND BROKEN - An Idaho OTC Mule Deer Hunt

New goHUNT Original Film

With multiple over the counter tags in their pocket, Lorenzo and Brandon pick a spot on a map and head into Idaho's backcountry in search of mule deer and elk. 

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Joe W. - posted 1 year ago on 04-18-2019 01:13:26 am

Steven that’s exactly how it seemed to me in Idaho. They had no problem selling tags OTC makes everyone very happy then you get there for your two week vacation an there’s not much to shoot at anyway but they gladly take your fees!!

John W. - posted 1 year ago on 04-18-2019 12:28:48 am

Rest of the video was great. Glad you lost that audio pretty quickly. Enjoyed the story.

John W. - posted 1 year ago on 04-18-2019 12:19:15 am

I really, REALLY dislike people who put loud music over people speaking. I want to hear what you are saying, and that pounding base makes it hard. Remember a lot of your audience probably has some ear damage from firearm use, etc.

Steven M. - posted 1 year ago on 04-11-2019 09:23:13 pm

I live and hunt in Idaho. This is what hunting public land in our state is like. You can find open country if you work but the lack of game and MATURE game acting in a natural way is rare indeed. F&G is controlled by our elected officials, so no point system, no management from a biological perspective. It is all about fee revenue. It is sad how fast the hunting here has declined. The wolves have not helped but zero creative approaches to manage the herds for the future. All about $. Very sad.

Joe W. - posted 1 year ago on 04-11-2019 11:21:45 am

Oh BTW I was told by a government trail worker that there had been a massive winter kill on the deer just a few years ago. Might explain some things for you.

Joe W. - posted 1 year ago on 04-11-2019 11:17:57 am

I hunted near you guys for several days. Found same results y’all did. My favorite thing about that area is the lack of hunting pressure. Game is scarce but once your a mile away from the trail your all alone.

Chuck G. - posted 1 year ago on 04-10-2019 05:34:49 pm
Seattle, WA

Cool story - appreciate you guys creating it. Congrats!!

Erik C. - posted 1 year ago on 04-10-2019 05:01:45 pm

Great video guys! Idaho has some rough country for sure especially where you guys were hunting. I wore out 2 sets of boots in one season! Glad you guys got to harvest!