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APPLICATION STRATEGY 2020: Arizona Elk - posted 4 months ago

Not sure if I missed it but, what are the guidelines for party applications in Arizona? Are they similar to Wyoming? Thanks!

Youth Hunting Information Now Live On INSIDER! - posted 1 year ago

Awesome new feature!! Thanks for all your hard work to add this!!

APPLICATION STRATEGY 2019: Wyoming Elk - posted 1 year ago

Great research and info as always Trail!

Question: If the draw odds for the unit I am going to apply for are the same for 0 points, <1 point, and 1 point. If I have 1 point to use, am I wasting my points to use them for this unit or is there still slightly higher odds by using my 1 point in this case?

Michigan deer rancher falsifies CWD samples - posted 2 years ago

80 hours of community service and $775 in fines!!!??? That's it!? He should also have to pay back to the MDNR all of the costs associated with the investigation. This guy knowingly put wild deer populations at risk and tried to cover it up all for personal profit .... I just can't grasp the fact that he only received 80 hours of community service and $775 in fines. That sounds like a punishment a college student gets for under age drinking.

Overview of Wyoming’s license fee changes for 2018 - posted 2 years ago

Does anyone have any information about the "Commissioner's Tags"? I heard from a buddy about these tags and it sounds like there are non-profits that are given a certain number of tags and you can make a donation to be entered into a lottery style pick for these tags? Are these the Super Tags that you refer to in the Wyoming state regs?