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Colorado wolf ballot may have enough support - posted 2 months ago

This is so much more than Colorado. If the activists succeed in getting done what they want to do by bypassing the actual wildlife agencies and wildlife conservation groups like the RMEF, you can bet similar things will start in many other states. I'm from Pennsylvania and I just donated to stop the wolf in Colorado. We must not let this pass.

Biggest giveaway of the year — 12 Days of INSIDER - posted 2 months ago

I hope I win the vortex binoculars. I could use them on the utah elk hunt that I am going to win next month. Haha

Colorado wolf ballot may have enough support - posted 2 months ago

This is insane. So called animal lovers hate hunters more than they love the animals they claim to care about.

Pennsylvania hunters closer to Sunday hunts - posted 3 months ago

As of 2016 with 13 bonus points plus current application, your odds of drawing a bull only tag your odds were 1 in 460. In 2016 30,635 people applied. I dont have the exact numbers for 2019 but i think it is around the 50,000 mark. Point creep on steroids. I just buy raffle tickets from the keystone elk alliance. If you win you get a special longer season. You can hunt any unit you want and use any weapon you choose. I dont know how many people buy raffle tickets but I would like to think my odds are better doing it that way.

How to safely and efficiently fly with your rifle or bow - posted 4 months ago

I have flown multiple times with a rifle. Only once have I taken my gun personally to TSA to check it. All the other times at the counter, they just told me to lock the case and make sure they are TSA approved locks or they will have to cut it open with bolt cutters. Have you ever experienced this? If I ask if they would let me go along with the case to put extra locks after they are done checking it? Also getting ready to fly with a bow for the first time. The zip tie around the string is genius. I will definitely be doing that. Thanks for the great article and advice.