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September giveaway winners announced: 10 people just won a First Lite Catalyst clothing kit - posted 1 year ago

Im a lucky Winner! What an awesome set of Camo! I'm so excited to receive these and use them on my hunt this November in Colorado! What an awesome surprise right before hunting season! Thank you!!

September INSIDER Giveaway: 10 First Lite Catalyst Kits - posted 1 year ago

I'm a winner!! So excited to receive a pair of this camo. I've researched these and looks like an awesome set! This will come in perfect for my Hunt this November in Colorado! Thank you!

Utah Mule Deer General Unit 23 - posted 1 year ago

@Dana R-hunted monroe for the general deer hunt with my boys last year. One of my sons was successful on a small four point, would score around 125. The only buck we saw. We only hunted it for two and a half days but covered most of the middle and northern sections. We saw plenty of does and more elk than deer, one really nice bull about 400 yards away after hiking away from the roads. Saw a bunch of cows and a small 5 and six point bulls and spikes, but this unit for elk will take many points to draw. There are lots of roads and this is mainly a road hunters paradise. Mostly road hunters and plenty of them. On the morning my son shot his buck ( a mile from the road) we heard five or six other gun shots that morning. I am assuming other hunters getting their deer tags filled. This unit is one of the better in Utah for general deer season averaging a 60-70% success rate, but with that the number of mature deer is lacking. If you pick this unit and see anything with three or four points I would take it! You usually can draw this unit with two points as an adult as well as most of the better general units. The units surrounding Monroe are decent as well. I would also consider the Beaver Unit and Pine Valley. With 5 general points you may also draw the thousand lakes unit (toughest general unit to draw) This unit has a high buck to doe ratio and used to be a limited draw area a couple years ago. Hope that is helpful. If you have any other questions, let me know. I put in for Archery deer myself this year for Monroe. The unit has great areas for Archery hunting. Patches of dense timber or aspens surrounded by rolling meadows of sage and grass. Good places to set up with a bow and sneak close to the deer on the edges of the timber line or ambush them as they come back from the rolling hills.

Colorado Big Game Unit 6 - posted 1 year ago

sorry, disregard my last question. I meant to click on unit 7, but had clicked on this unit 6.. I wish i could draw this with 2pts :) I'm really looking at units for my son who has two pts. I would really like to get him into a unit where we will see lots of deer and he will have a very high chance at getting his first buck. Does not have to be a trophy but a mature buck would be nice. Ive narrowed it down to a few units, but would appreciate any suggestions you might have. It would be great to get him a buck this year at 14. He did not draw at 12 or 13. Thank you!

Colorado Big Game Unit 6 - posted 1 year ago

Your new 2018 draw odds show unit 7 as 100% for non resident with 2 pts for the 4th season rifle hunt but the stats on this page show 0% with 2pts and 100% with 8 pts... for 4th rifle season. Can you explain? thank you!