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What does it really mean to “tune” your bow? - posted 3 weeks ago

Walk back tuning makes no sense to me. If your arrows are trending left than you are getting a right tear. To fix a right tear you would move your rest left, so why is it the opposite?

How to purchase Wyoming preference points - posted 7 months ago

I just moved to Wyoming and am not yet a resident. Does anyone know if buying out of state points would help me when I become a resident next year?

RMEF provides over $500,000 for Wyoming elk - posted 1 year ago

Really wish Utah would get the same treatment.

My name is Brady Miller and I have severe target panic - posted 1 year ago

This is the best article yet, I ordered the back tension book.

Is outdoor hunting TV dead? - posted 2 years ago

The Born and Raised Land of the Free 5 State hunt is an amazing piece of documentation.