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Montana proposes big changes for Region 2 hunting districts - posted 5 months ago

Montana Fish and Game needs some serious change in management. It is past time to fire Martha Williams for her horrible management of her agency. Its purpose is about selling tags and making money, not protecting ALL wildlife. The goal is to sell as many tags for deer and elk, but then protect wolves and bears. I think everyone can agree deer and elk are over hunted by humans and animal predators. I agree with what has already been stated. Montana's elk population not over objective on public land, especially in Region 1, which has little to no elk. Just look at the "data."

As for landowners, they have the choice to open their lands up to the public. If they chose not to, so be it. As taxpayers and hunters, we should not be trying to solve their problem when the solution is simple-landowners allow more hunting and the elk will move off your property. As it currently stands, landowners get to make agreements with the state to get paid for BLM ground, damage hunts (cows only), then sell bull hunts. Money, money, money for the landowners, which is smart on their part, but dumb on the public's part.

Damage hunts should be eliminated all together. The landowners can open their lands or deal with the costs of having elk eat their crops. However, Montana Fish and Game is too preoccupied with creating new game population numbers with their multipliers and continuing to oversell tags all in the name of profit.

So as I said in the beginning, fire Martha Williams and get management that will run Montana Fish and Game for the animals, not profit.

FWS restores federal protections to Yellowstone grizzlies - posted 9 months ago

I completely disagree with this judge and FWS. This was a poor decision. Apparently, predator supporters forget about the other animals. If humans do not manage the population, the elk, deer, and moose suffer. This whole push for bears, wolves, and mountain lions has destroyed the elk, moose, and deer populations throughout the states affected by this decision. It is sad that the parties that push for these actions do not think beyond the one animal. I prefer elk, deer, and moose, but those animals do not garner the publicity. Apparently, elk, moose, and deer need better lawyers.

Supreme Court rules hovercraft can be used by Alaskan hunter - posted 1 year ago

I like the decision because the Supreme Court is recognizing state control. The state's should make these decisions. Although some may not like air-boats, this ruling helps folks that have atvs, snowmachines, or any type of fun recreational vehicle. Also Alaska is very difficult to access, so machines are a necessity.

MT FWP confirms surprise grizzly attack near Columbia Falls - posted 1 year ago

Too many bears. We need to eliminate a large portion of the bears so that hunters and people recreating in the woods can do so without the added risk. Montana fish and game is spending a lot of money and time on bears, which does not benefit us hunters. Hunters now face potential liability for killing a bear in defense because Montana fish and game is treating it like self-defense case. This is a bear, not a human. Kill the bear if it gets to close and go on because that is one less moose calf or elk calve being eaten.

No more federal protections for gray wolves? - posted 1 year ago

Hopefully the senate will approve this bill and let states control predator populations at the local level. The reality is that elk, deer, moose, and prey cannot sustain the harvest levels from wolves, bears, mountain lions, other predators, and humans combined. This is a simple economics problem, which requires a choice. I for one chose to have more elk, deer, and moose for people to harvest, not more wolves and other predators.