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How to purchase Montana bonus points and preference points - posted 2 months ago

Man , can Montana make it anymore confusing? Can you please line me out? My in laws live in Montana, I have several Resident friends ( AKA : potential sponsors for combo license) who are hunters but understandably none of them understand the Non Resident regs. I have read through all the strategy articles, the youth articles on western states and the text below and its amazingly still confusing. I have daughter, she is 13. I would like to have her hunt starting next year when shes 14 in Montana . i Think I understand she can apply as a youth with a sponsor or pick up a OTC combo ,I understand she can apply for regular hunts. How does she hunt as a youth ( deer , elk)through her youth as a NR but still build points to carry her into her adult years when she gets into the general population? Thanks for your time.

Pre-application planning for the 2020 hunting season - posted 5 months ago

what model is that little single man gray tent ? Thanks

Backcountry necessities - posted 6 months ago

When you talk about Athletic tights have you found a quality brand or type to be good for upper and lower body in heat ? thanks

How to utilize Montana’s Block Management Program for hunting access - posted 7 months ago

I often wonder how much hate mail you guys get? LOL. Thanks for the info.

Idaho wolves killed to help struggling elk herd - posted 1 year ago

And here is a great example of why its best to not start a chat forum or on Gohunt. There are plenty of places on line guys can go to spew BS and opinions as armchair experts on wildlife biology, harmony and so on.