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Idaho wolves killed to help struggling elk herd - posted 6 months ago

And here is a great example of why its best to not start a chat forum or on Gohunt. There are plenty of places on line guys can go to spew BS and opinions as armchair experts on wildlife biology, harmony and so on.

INSIDER Rebuild Now Live For 2019! - posted 8 months ago

yes, please add that. Thank you

APPLICATION STRATEGY 2019: Wyoming Elk - posted 9 months ago

man, Wyoming makes my head spin.

Montana bowhunter survives grizzly bear attack - posted 11 months ago

Just today my father in law walked into 60 yards of a Grizz why elk hunting. The bear had seen him and stood his ground, thankfully he did not move towards him.. He slowly backed away and everything was fine. This was within 10 miles of Missoula.

3 common mistakes when running trail cameras - posted 1 year ago

that sensitivity setting is no joke, I had about 12,000 photos of brush moving in the wind , funny. but not really.