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Colorado lawmakers propose 2018 Hunting, Fishing, & Parks for Future Generations Act - posted 1 year ago

I am fine with an 8$ increase on my resident license, Im fine with a 40$ antler collecting permit, and am even ok with the amount of non residents that get to hunt here. The cost of non resident tags is pretty close to the same throughout the western states, if not more elsewhere. But you can actually hunt here every year. Where as other premier elk destinations you will be lucky to get to hunt once maybe twice in your life. Pay 650$ as a non resident guaranteed to hunt every year? How is that so bad? It would cost us about the same to come hunt elk in your state if we ever draw,(if you even live somewhere that has elk). No doubt about it if the non resident tags, whether lottery or otc were cut back or taken away, it would forsure cause a big loss in revenue. Wouldnt that cause an even bigger increase on our resident tags and fees?
Should enjoy being able to hunt OTC while we can because who knows when it could change to draw only.
The same residents that are applying for hunts and buying otc now are the same ones that are going to be applying and buying whether or not there is or isint copious amounts of non residents, regardless off the price. Myself included.
Colorado should give some of the money from all the marijuana taxes to CPW, theyre making enough of it.