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Grand Teton mountain goats to be removed to save bighorn sheep - posted 9 months ago

I'd pay money in order to relocate the Goats.

Mule deer numbers decline in Wyoming - posted 9 months ago

Point restriction does nothing but hurt herd genetics, you could have a 2x2 that is 7 years old breeding passing on his genes. While hunters aren't aging the animals correctly, as result 4x4's with good genetic makeup get shot at age 2-3. As far as I'm concerned a sacrifice for the sake of preserving mule deer throughout the west needs to happen immediately, especially in Idaho and Wyoming. Keep the special draws (trophy units), but general areas should be managed as well. In Region G of Wyoming residents should be allowed to harvest 1 buck every 2 years thus decreasing the actual annual harvest, it would be as such 1 tag is good for 2 years equaling 1 buck taken. This would decrease the harvest and also make hunters be selective in the animal that is harvested. This same concept could be applied to general OTC tags in Idaho, 1 tag good for 2 years equals 1 buck.

Montana Deer and Elk Application Strategy — Q&A Video - posted 1 year ago

Thanks for answering the question on bonus points.