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RMEF teams up with California and others to preserve prime elk habitat - posted 8 months ago

Dustin G. the article starts property allows through the share program.

“Tahrmageddon” imminent in New Zealand unless hunting groups can stop it - posted 1 year ago

really hope this big of a cull doesn't happen. NZ is one of few places a non resident alien can go and hunt on a totally DYI type hunt. minus the airfare is a pretty affordable hunt.

Humane Society drops proposed Arizona trophy hunt ban - posted 1 year ago

William T. There are studies that show hard mtn. Lions are on small bighorn sheep populations They really can basically wipe out a population of them. Once specific cats actively target them on a regular bases.

Wyoming proposes grizzly bear hunt regulations - posted 1 year ago

6000 is a deal or a dyi grizzly hunt compared to a guided hunt up north.

New Mexico plans to eliminate 50 more bighorn sheep - posted 1 year ago

They should relocate them or have a hunt draw hunt for them. Should have the same effect while allowing someone to harvest a sheep.