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INSIDER Update: Washington is now live! - posted 2 months ago

Wow, I knew it was bad but figured I could find something. Thanks GoHunt, you just saved me enough to renew my membership next year. When a guy with 45 points didn't draw, it's pretty easy to send my money somewhere else.

South Dakota considers changes to nonresident hunting regulations - posted 3 months ago

The controversial part will be when someone tries to limit the number of NR tags issued and they are asked to come up with a way to cover the lost revenue. It's the double edged sword states with good hunting face, do residents want to pay more or do they want to see out of state plates all over.

Montana teen survives bear attack - posted 3 months ago

Amazing how many attacks from a creature with so low numbers it needs federal protection to avoid becoming extinct.

Elk shoulder season could see some changes for 2019 - posted 3 months ago

Opening more ground during the regular hunting season would be way more effective. Pounding on the elk in the dead of winter is an incredibly bad idea long term. The landowners need to decide if they want to deal with the elk or deal with allowing hunters access.

INSIDER Rebuild Now Live For 2019! - posted 5 months ago

Any truth to the rumors you are adding WA this year?