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2020 ATA best of new products: Trail’s picks - posted 2 months ago

I have never understood why nuFLETCH APE systems haven't taken hold of more shooters even though they are popular.
Gluing is so outdated.

Index vs. thumb releases for bowhunting - posted 2 months ago

Its real simple. Always keep your digits BEHIND the trigger on an Index release till in the act of shooting? I gently keep mine with slight reverse pressure on the trigger. Your hand doesn't need to look like a dancing spider to draw an Index release. That functions as a safety.

Biggest giveaway of the year — 12 Days of INSIDER - posted 3 months ago

South East need not apply. ;-)

Montana public land access ruling could determine future cases - posted 1 year ago

Make the "landowners" pay the taxes on any public lands they deny access too at fair market value.

APPLICATION STRATEGY 2017: Colorado Elk and Antelope - posted 2 years ago

If a 60 year old man (or woman) starts applying for prime areas they have zero chance of hunting? If we assume this to be true why isn't this age discrimination? Someone inform me.
I it comes...."States Rights"!