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Female Draw odds are now live on INSIDER - posted 2 years ago

I'm new to Inside 2.0 and I look forward to learning more about the inner workings and seeing further improvements and enhancements as they become available. One of the features that really attracted me to the filtering 2.0 tool in the first place was the ability to see the various hunting districts (HDs) appear and disappear as I applied layers (resident, points, rifle, etc.) which then helped me make a determination as to where I'd have a chance to successfully draw a tag. I would echo other comments (eg. Michael K) as they pertain to the antlerless feature being outside the current filtering 2.0 capability. Yes, I can switch back and forth betw/ screens but this sort of defeats the purpose of ease of use don't cha think? I'd like to see the female draw odds feature made a bit less cumbersome as it pertains to seeing the HDs in a future filtering release. You have a great product here and I'm sure you will continue to make improvements to the user experience.