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Year-round wolf season approved for Washington tribes - posted 5 months ago

Gary, are you a domestic dependent nation like all tribal nations are?

New proposal would allow red wolves to be hunted outside of Wildlife Refuge - posted 1 year ago

This is an embarrassment. Talk of preserving genetic value of 10-15 individuals. It looks like FWS just wants to wash their hands of the responsibility of preserving red wolves.

MOA Part 2 - A deeper dive into factory vs custom - posted 1 year ago

All these guns shoot better than I do.

Wild horse hunt sparks outrage - posted 1 year ago

While I agree that the biologists should put forth policy there seem to be a lot of hunters who are quite hypocritical calling out people for their affinity for wild horses.

Let's eradicate all invasive and introduced species. Pheasants, chukar, huns, brown trout, brookies west of the Mississippi... I could go on. Of course that wouldn't gain traction in the hunting and fishing community because of the irrational and ecologically damaging preference hunters and fishermen tend to show these non-native animals.

Zinke paves way for more big game hunting on federal land - posted 1 year ago

No mention of energy development.