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2019 Montana nonresident deer combination license alternate's list now available - posted 7 months ago

Are you obligated to purchase the tag if you get selected, or can you opt out? Just wondering in case a guy didn't get drawn until right before the hunt and couldn't make it work.

APPLICATION STRATEGY 2019: Wyoming Elk - posted 1 year ago

So if a guy doesn't want to pay the cc app fee what are his options? Basically applying in a wgfd office with cash? This may be a dumb question but does the fee also apply to debit cards?

Wyoming Elk Unit 91 - posted 1 year ago

When will everything be updated for this year?

Wyoming steps closer to finalizing grizzly bear hunt regulations - posted 1 year ago

Will all of these hunts be held in wilderness areas? Just wondering as a non resident.

Breaking: Nevada’s new shed antler hunting restrictions - posted 1 year ago

@Brady- Thanks Brady. Hopefully it’ll keep people out of the hills.