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Keith K.

How to purchase Montana bonus points and preference points - posted 8 months ago

Hey Brady, thanks for the article. I've been teaching myself Montana's system for a few years now anticipating a short and long term plan for a number of species and with some supplemental info between you guys and Newburg I'm ready to get started this year. However I do have one question regarding purchasing points I haven't seen asked or answered yet, I'm looking to build points for almost all species; Do I have to buy a point for every species all at once in one transaction? Or can I, for example, buy a point for moose, goat and sheep tomorrow, and then buy a point for deer, elk and antelope 2 weeks from now? I did not apply in this years draw for any species and I just want to be sure of whether I can go back and buy other ones or if I have to buy all the points at one time, thanks.

Keith K.

Altitude sickness and how to prevent it while mountain hunting - posted 1 year ago

Hey guys I love the site, I'm going to Montana for my first elk hunt fall of 2019 and I live in Pennsylvania. Of course we have mountains here but the highest peak in the state is only 3,900 feet and I don't live anywhere near it. Altitude sickness is really one of my only major concerns regarding the trip so the article helped a lot with informing of possible preventative measures and medication. What I wanted to ask though is if any of you had any experience or insight into the altitude training masks?? I was thinking of getting one for working out and hiking to prepare my lungs for the low oxygen and am really curious as to how, if it at all, the mask would prepare me for the altitude in any way, thanks!