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Five must-have pieces of gear for under $45 - posted 9 months ago

How did the Bino bandits work with glasses in colder weather

When to give up on a hunting spot - posted 10 months ago

I like the two day thought. My wife and I stayed very Mobil last year. One thing I found that was going on in the area we hunted was most of the hunters where going in deep and because we started our archery hunt the same weekend the the muzzleloader season opened in Colorado so we decided to not to go in as deep. The strategy did pay off. We shot a nice 6 a mile and a half from the trailhead. We knew the outfitter had a guide camp and a drop camp 6 and 8 miles in that was muzzleloading we also knew of three other camps that where 5-8 miles in as well. We only had one other archery hunter that hunted long weekends around us, almost no pressure. We felt those in deep camps actually helped us in the long run. As we gathered intel from the different sources and we found it to be better to keep our distance. In addition, we where only out there for 6 days of hunting before we scored but in that time we moved camp once. We moved out of an area that fresh elk sign was showing up and moved to a spot with very little sign and yet close enough to be able to have multiple options to have 3-4 circuit routes enough for 3-4 days.

Idaho Big Game Unit 58 - posted 1 year ago

Looking at hunting in the Beaverhead area during early archery and it looks like there’s a lot of roads up in the mountains? Are these roads big enough for vehicles? Is there regulations limiting the use of these trails during the hunting season? It looks like it’s hard to get away from all the roads.