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June INSIDER Giveaway: 6 Mystery Ranch Beartooth 80 Backpacks! - posted 10 months ago

These are sweet, crossing my fingers!

Overview of Colorado's license fee changes for 2019 - posted 1 year ago

Hey Stefan R. the other things that changed is they made non residents buy an $80 small game license just to apply this year. So our out of pocket cost went up $80 to hunt in CO even though the other tags stayed the same. In 2013 I paid approx $500 to hunt elk in CO. With the small game licenses and increases on NR for several years I will pay $740 to hunt elk in 2019. Like many others i'll never use the small game license. Non residents already support a huge majority of the CPW budget.

Colorado Big Game Unit 12 - posted 1 year ago

My group is planning to hunt this unit in the first rifle season and hope to get leftover tags. If I remember correctly there were approximately 1600 bull tags leftover for EMO1101R, is there any way to tell how many might be remaining after the leftover draw? I realize that the list will be published on August 1 but really would like to know how likely it is prior to that. Is there a way to tell how long it took to sell out of the leftovers for this unit in 2017?