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THE OFFSEASON — Season 3 — Episode 1 - posted 2 weeks ago

It looks like so much fun to be a part of your company that it makes me jealous every time one of these videos comes out. Keep up the awesome work, and GET YOUR ASSES TO SOME SHOWS IN THE EAST!

Point Creep: What is it? Can you overcome it? and much more - posted 3 weeks ago

Great article and some awesome comments too. At 36 years old and just making my 1st elk hunt happen last year, I'm definitely in the boat of hunt as much as possible instead of trying to bank points until I'm too old to have a good time doing it. I might pick one state/unit/species to bank points for up to 20 years, but other than that I plan on burning points just to get out there and falling back on OTC wherever possible.

Sika deer in New York? - posted 2 months ago

This story came through on the National Deer Alliance email yesterday.

That article made it sound like the DEC still doesn't know where it came from which I find somewhat odd since there are only a couple small captive populations in the whole state. It's pretty interesting and I wonder if they can breed and reproduce with whitetails.

BEARING THE LOAD - The story behind Mystery Ranch backpacks - posted 2 months ago

Just plain awesome. Great short film.

Three ways to get your backcountry hunting setup lighter - posted 2 months ago

Some good points there. With the food, what I've found to save both weight and space with the freeze-dried meal pouches is to at least open them up and let the air out of them.(The ones that aren't already vacuum sealed.) You can roll them up pretty tight this way. The serving sizes are usually more than I need in one meal so I can divide one pouch into 2 meals and use quart size freezer Ziplock bags. They've held the boiling water to hydrate the meals just fine for me. This only saves a few ounces, but when trying to go ultralight and still carry a small stove, it's a good option.