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Sika deer in New York? - posted 2 days ago

This story came through on the National Deer Alliance email yesterday.

That article made it sound like the DEC still doesn't know where it came from which I find somewhat odd since there are only a couple small captive populations in the whole state. It's pretty interesting and I wonder if they can breed and reproduce with whitetails.

BEARING THE LOAD - The story behind Mystery Ranch backpacks - posted 2 days ago

Just plain awesome. Great short film.

Three ways to get your backcountry hunting setup lighter - posted 3 days ago

Some good points there. With the food, what I've found to save both weight and space with the freeze-dried meal pouches is to at least open them up and let the air out of them.(The ones that aren't already vacuum sealed.) You can roll them up pretty tight this way. The serving sizes are usually more than I need in one meal so I can divide one pouch into 2 meals and use quart size freezer Ziplock bags. They've held the boiling water to hydrate the meals just fine for me. This only saves a few ounces, but when trying to go ultralight and still carry a small stove, it's a good option.

No time to hunt? The balance between the sacrifice and the reward - posted 1 week ago

I agree with all of this. It certainly gets more difficult and tricky the older you get because the responsibilities seem to keep piling up. You get married, buy a house, have kids, or whatever else happens in life, they all require some level of time and it's always more, never less. Being strategic with what I sacrifice is huge and having that plan really does pay out in the end.
I'm very lucky that my wife fully supports me and my choices with my time. She often gets the short end of the stick in May and from September through mid-December and many times during the rest of the year while I'm preparing. I just make sure she gets the long end of the stick enough of the other times to make sure she feels important! This year my September elk trip won't happen because we'll have a newborn (our first), but even with it only being January, I'm making sacrifices to make sure my late-October deer trip to Ohio still happens. Next year things will get back to normal hopefully.
This is a great article. There certainly are a lot of ways you can make things happen if you want it bad enough.

Oklahoma woman brags about poaching deer on dating app - posted 1 week ago

Great story. That could have been a life/career altering situation for him. Most 24 yr olds on dating apps wouldn't have the right state of mind to make the right decision when it means losing the potential for a hook-up. Had he chose to ignore it, he might have ended up a crooked officer in the long run. I've got no time for poachers so I'm glad to read he did the right thing.