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South Dakota sues poacher for $80,000 in civil damages - posted 3 months ago

If this looser can actually come up with $80K it will be good for the department but I'd rather see him forced to clean up public land for the rest of his life.

RMEF's Google ad dropped due to “animal cruelty” - posted 6 months ago

Holy sweet baby jebus, they did the right thing.

Wyoming Super Tag raises millions for state program - posted 8 months ago

Seems like a great way to pump money into Game & Fish it'd be nice to see more states follow suit.

New Mexico Big Game Unit 54 - posted 10 months ago

This unit will weed out those who are not fully commited, it’s a 4 mile, 1500' elevation gaining hike to get to the designated camping area (which is the only place camping is allowed). If you do not have access to the surrounding private land or pack animals you will probably be looking at 7+ mile packout on your back if you harvest. This year they have combined the N&S units and number of tags. Because of the difficulty of the terrain in the north unit I am going to bet the north side will rarely if ever be hunted again, this means all of the hunters will be in the South portion which is a very small area for the number of tags issued, the non-archery hunts will most likely have 40 hunters in a very small area. I'm pretty disappointed with NM G&F's decision and will probably never consider this unit again. If you have horses or are a glutton for punishment looking for a more ways to embrace suckage I would have recommended this unit until this year.

Oregon hunter used rifle, not bow, for record buck - posted 10 months ago

Hang this man!