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How to apply for New Mexico's 2020 guide draw - posted 1 month ago

The fact that there are tags reserved for outfitters only, is complete garbage.

Colorado wolf ballot may have enough support - posted 3 months ago

Unless they're going to put up a fence around the entire state, boarder states should probably also have a vote. When these bigger grey wolves move from CO into NM and AZ they will destroy or breed out the mexican grey wolf populations the doggy lovers have been working so hard to reintroduce.

Alert: New 2020 Wyoming nonresident elk draw result date change - posted 3 months ago

Well f*ck a duck, this blows

South Dakota sues poacher for $80,000 in civil damages - posted 8 months ago

If this looser can actually come up with $80K it will be good for the department but I'd rather see him forced to clean up public land for the rest of his life.

RMEF's Google ad dropped due to “animal cruelty” - posted 10 months ago

Holy sweet baby jebus, they did the right thing.