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Adjustable rifle turrets vs BDC reticles - posted 9 months ago

If your load changes, different bullet, powder, etc. your BDC turret has to be changed by the manufacturer. A Swarovski BRH reticle makes this change simple and you never have to take your eye off the target once you know the range.

Colorado Big Game Unit 59 - posted 10 months ago

No whitetails, but several mule deer.

Colorado Big Game Unit 59 - posted 10 months ago

Scouted for 2 days and saw no elk. Some elk tracks crossing dirt road 132 south of trailhead, probably getting a drink of water from Beaver Creek at night. According to NOAA this area has received only 6" of rain this year. Hiked about 3 miles toward the big saddle, you can see it from the trailhead, and found no elk sign. Beaver Creek SWA and Table Mtn STL covered in pinyon/juniper , very difficult to glass anything. Bob Carochi, the local game warden, said you should probably hunt north of the big saddle where the beaver ponds are, but that's a 5 mile hike going up over 2,000'. If I was an elk I wouldn't live here, very little grass.

The 30 day plan for a successful hunt - posted 11 months ago

I don't see anything out there that compares with Chris Roe and elk calling. He sure helped me understand what elk are saying.

Colorado Big Game Unit 59 - posted 1 year ago

Lucas O. - I have not looked into getting a bear tag, but I will be carrying bear spray. Never had any interest in bear hunting.