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California Deer Zone D-15 - posted 1 year ago

If you are active/retired military or DOD employee, Camp Pendleton (G10 tag) is a fantastic place to hunt. Check the base game warden's website (first result for Google search "Camp Pendleton Game Warden"). It's a bit of process to get the base hunting license and mule deer tag, but well worth it.

Sleeping bags vs. quilts — What is the best option? - posted 1 year ago

I'm 6'2 and the Sierra Design Backcountry quilt is plent long, even when tucking my head into the hood. Great design feature!

A breakdown of different archery release aids - posted 1 year ago

I'm interested in getting into archery and this article was really helpful in understanding the pros/cons of each type of release. Thanks!

Trekking poles for hunting…wimpy or smart? - posted 2 years ago

I see a lot about Black Diamond poles, but are they really that much better than other brands?

Wyoming Elk Unit 98 - posted 2 years ago

NR, first western hunt (second ever after a tree stand in KY on private land for deer), have a 98-6 tag for 2018, hoping to avoid as many “new hunter mistakes” as I can. Any lessons learned? C