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Kevin P.

How to preserve velvet antlers in the field - posted 2 years ago

Great article Brady! So another possible solution I heard from a great guy I met sheep hunting years ago in the Mackenzie Mtns, NWT at Arctic Red River Outfitters...Legendary "Wild Bill" Ostrom from PA hunted Dalls sheep and caribou probably close to 20x maybe more w Arctic Red. His secret for preserving velvet on early season big mtn caribou was to carry a few extra cans of bug juice w the most deet he could find and soak the antlers with it. This kept the flies from planting larvae in the antlers between bone and velvet. He swears it works like a champ and they look the same now as when you harvested them. He said when he got home he would hang the antlers in his barn until the smell wore off and then would give them to his taxidermist. Have not tried this myself just because I haven't shot anything in velvet but would definitely be worth trying! Kevin

Kevin P.

How to find your next hunt using standalone Draw Odds - posted 3 years ago

Hey Brady, Once again another awesome article! Great job! Thanks, Kevin Peterson, Matrix Targets, LLC

Kevin P.

Spotting scopes: Angled vs. Straight – which design is best? - posted 3 years ago

I love it...this is very close to the what truck/gun/caliber/bow/arrows/sight, you like etc.... So you want a response from an old time hunter that has used's my 2 cents I've been on over 50 bighorn hunts (grand slam #1400) and countless other big game hunts mostly helping friends and family and I will say I will always take straight over angled. Quick target acquisition is paramount in most hunting situations. I hate to even admit there is anything comfortable about an angled lens but it is some situations...mountain goat hunting with ultra steep glassing situations and especially at the shooting range haha! :) I always thought scope companies run discounts on angled because they couldn't sell them LOL...For guys that spend a lot of time behind the scope it's much easier to not only find game but easier to tell someone else where to look at the same time. I also like laying my old Zeissaroo 10x40 binos on top of my Leica spotting scope at times when I need it. I would recommend you try both and see what is most comfortable to you. There is no right answer other than what glass you like to look through and what works for your type of hunting. As far as less weight of a tripod I've never had anyone offer to carry my tripod so I carry what I need to "git r done"! Happy hunting! Kevin Peterson, President/ Founder Matrix Targets, LLC