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Three ways to get your backcountry hunting setup lighter - posted 1 year ago

Nice article and some good points. Some things I have found in the last couple years early season mule deer hunting up around 12K:
1) Colgate wisps for touthbrushes. Weigh almost nothing and I use one for 2 or 3 days.
2) Instead of a pillow a take my Kuiu super down and put it in one of my stuff sacks. You can really make a nice soft bulky pillow and add other clothing in the center and wrap the super down around it to give is a substantial firm core. I have found this to be larger and more comfortable than any camp pillow you can buy.
3) I have eliminated the camp towel and soap. Wear merino and get the wind in your favor. No upside in trying to stay clean. I do bring one small wipe per day to keep my backside clean. Can take them in dry and wet them with your water to keep it light until game time.
4) Definitely share gear with a hunting partner and share food as mentioned previously.
5) Get the big can of MH granola, blue berries and dehydrated milk and put it in one bag, a cup or so per day. I then use my dinner bag from the night befor and put a little in there for breakfast. Cuts down on wasted space and all the extra bags. Used to take a variety for breakfast, but this is a great calorie option and more efficient.
6) Over the years I have really paired down to one set of clothes and one extra pair of underwear, socks and merino t-shirt more for safetly to get into something dry if need be. Nothing else I'm not wearing or gonna layer on makes it in the pack.

My pack is less than 30 pounds before water and my bow.

Secret Pass Outfitters - posted 1 year ago

Has anyone used Fred or been to this unit? I drew an archery tag on 0 points, only have a week and was going to have Fred pack us in and out.

Nevada Big Game Unit 102 - posted 1 year ago

Holy smokes, I've never drawn a tag in my life that wasn't guaranteed or damn near guaranteed. I put in to Neveda for the first time with 0 points and drew this 101-109 tag for archery which looks like a 5.2% draw odds. I guess I need to get to work and figure out where this unit is and an area to hit. Sounds like there are a lot of deer in the area so hopefully it's not to hard to find some bachelor groups. I am planning to draw a Colorado archery tag so it looks like it will be a busy fall for a married guy with 3 young kids. I better make sure the honey do list is taken care of!

Nevada here we come!!!