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What happened to mule deer in Colorado and what does the future hold? - posted 6 days ago

Great article! Thanks for all the info. Very depressing though, as I’m planning on burning my 26 points this year on a 4th season hunt. Just can’t wait any longer. And, seems like it might just get worse anyway. Now the big decision......Unit 44 or 66????

ALERT: New bill will severely impact nonresident hunters in WY - posted 1 month ago

I was ready to avoid Wyoming all together, not just quit applying for tags, but also actually avoiding all travel through the state. I travel back and forth between CO and MT quite frequently, usually spending a night in Cody and spending $$$ in Riverton and Rawlins. However, I could easily jog west and avoid WY altogether. Maybe I won’t have to now. We’ll just have to keep a close eye on the future.

No wolf reintroduction for Colorado - posted 2 years ago

Can’t wait to go coyote huntin! Might just see a really big one! Lol