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Selecting the right late-season stove for your tipi shelter - posted 3 weeks ago

Another awesome article Brady! Just a few months ago I received my Redcliff and SXL Stove for our 3rd Rifle CO Muley hunt! Sounds like it was the right choice. Looking forward to putting it to use and hoping it puts us in country that nobody else wants to get into because of access and weather. Thanks for the sleeping bag tip. I have a 15 degree NEMO and I'm hoping it will be enough even with the wood stove!

Hunt where the deer are, not where you think they are - posted 3 weeks ago

@Brady - Thanks so much for the link and the excellent tip about blowing the water back in the bladder after taking a sip. Without this knowledge, there is no doubt I'd be battling my drink tube in that teen or below weather! Probably be battling it regardless, but I appreciate the reply and insider tips! Looking forward to this 3rd Rifle hunt. Will be blessed if we can kill a buck half as good as yours the past few years :-)

Hunt where the deer are, not where you think they are - posted 4 weeks ago

Great article Brady! Appreciate the excellent insider tips. My buddy and I are headed to CO for our first ever 3rd Season Rifle hunt from OR in just a couple weeks. Can't wait! I am planning on incorporating this advice! Hey I had a quick question regarding a GoHUNT youtube video I watched of yours the other day. It was regarding a neoprene wrap for the Big Evo Zip hydration bladder drink tube to keep it from freezing. Do you know where I can purchase something like that, or recommendations for making one myself? Thanks Brady!

Wildfires impacting big game & how to track fires - posted 2 months ago

Great article Brady!
Hey is there a google earth download for PAST wildfire history similar to OnX?

The importance of rifle dry fire practice at home and while you’re hunting - posted 3 months ago

Great article Brady! Really enjoyed it! My Dad taught me very similar techniques. Deep breathes with long slow exhale. Once calmed down (the best you can.....haha) slowly exhale that last breathe until almost out then squeeze that trigger. Seems to work pretty well. I also dry fire my .270 as much as I can. Especially at the range before live fire. Helps tremendously with calming me down and focusing on my mechanics before the live shot. It also helps me catch myself when I'm about to flinch or anticipate the recoil right before a shot too. This way I remember to RELAX, stay loose, and squeeze the trigger. Be so focused that the shot going off actually takes you by surprise (as long as you are on target when that happens). The last thing my Dad taught me was to try and pick a spot out on the animal you are trying to kill. Focus on a small patch of hair of certain crease on the body vs. just shooting for the body. This has helped me lock in at that crucial moment we all hope for in the field!