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Group sues Washington over wolf deaths - posted 1 year ago

Center for Biological Diversity has wasted more Federal conservation tax dollars than any other group I know of! The greedy vermin love to sue ...... here is a list of JUST four of the countless lawsuits and the EAJA paid to their greedy lawyers.

*Defenders of Wildlife v. Hall USFWS, 1:08-cv-56 (D. Mont.) - $263,099.66 Wolf Challenge against the USFWS's 2008 decision to delist the northern Rockies.
*Defenders of Wildlife v. U.S. Dep of Int, 1:03-cv-1348 (D. Ore.) - $272,710.54 Down listing" of the gray wolf from endangered to threatened status.
*National Wildlife Federation v. Norton, 1:03-CV-340 (D. Vt.) - $255,500 Wolf argument over Distinct population segments
*Humane Society of the U S v. Kempthorne USFWS, 1:07-cv-0677 (D.D.C.) - $280,000 Western Great lakes delisting

YUP the above cases are ONE MILLION dollars paid to these disgusting welfare lawyers!