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Target panic: what to do & how to beat it - posted 1 year ago

Any advice for someone who just developed a good case of target panic two weeks before an elk hunt? Best steps to take to reduce the issue?

Idaho Big Game Unit 66A - posted 2 years ago

Is this unit fairly easy hiking or is it more physical than unit 76?

The blind way in for elk - posted 2 years ago

Great article. I really enjoyed it.

Are you solo tough? - posted 2 years ago

I had to get my Archery Affidavit put on my profile by ID Fish and Game. Once they did that I could select the unit. IF you have your Archery education training certificate you can put that in. I took my class back in 1985 so I could not find my certificate. So I had to fill out the Archery affidavit and email it back to them. It took about 2 days and they got it put in and then Diamond Creek appeared on the selection list. Hope this helps