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October INSIDER giveaway - 5 Leupold Riflescopes - posted 6 months ago

I cannot see the winners.

Altitude sickness and how to prevent it while mountain hunting - posted 1 year ago

I used WA AA on a roughly 10k feet in elevation elk hunt. I was with 2 other guys who didn't take it. I can't say that any of us got sick, however, I believe that I acclimated far more quickly than they did. You're suppose to take WA AA 5 days prior to going as well as while you're there. I think it does help to a degree.

Sleeping Pad Durability — The goHUNT Stress Test - posted 2 years ago

Neil R., I also use a NeoAir. I cover mine with a sleeping bag liner to quiet me moving on the pad. That is also my only complaint about that pad.