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UT lawmaker proposes bill that would target predator populations to help game - posted 2 months ago

Ask the biologists in California of the impact the "protected" lions have had on populations of deer, bighorn sheep, and elk. No hunting of this predator since the 1970s (dictated by ignorant lawmakers based on emotions rather than sound management practices) has destroyed herds to the point where lions now roam neighborhoods looking for dogs and cats. Gov. Newsome has now outlawed hunting of bobcats to further the agenda of lunatics and provide another obstacle for game herds to contend with.
All species need to be protected by those employed to manage rather than agenda driven lawmakers. Unfortunately California appears to be without either.

Customers take Utah outfitter to court - posted 1 year ago

He talks nonsense - was contracted for private ranch landowner tags that he never had access to and that don't "sell out", never had any intention of following through, and lies regularly about refunding the $50,000 plus that he has stolen from this party. Not sure why he's still on the street.