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Is bowhunting as difficult as we think it is? - posted 6 months ago

Man I’ve been in a slump for 5 years now ever since I started archery hunting at 16. Haven’t harvested anything and have had moments where I was gonna toss in the towel. But I look back on my solo endeavors in the backcountry/ the antelope lands of MT and how every single trip out I’ve gone home learning something by blowing stalks and learning what animals like and what they do and I’m hoping I’ll be able to put all these experiences towards a successful hunt and be able to harvest a mature animal. Glad I saw this post and that I’m not the only one! I’ll keep my head high and will keep at it until I start to find success. I appreciate the article!

How to break-in a new rifle barrel - posted 1 year ago

Damn it Brady! I went with the x bolt speed cause you made it look so good. Plus I like the light weight of it. Was stumped between the long range and the speed version for awhile before I made my decision. Wish I read this before and saw that you prefer the long range over the speed. Don’t think I’ll be disappointed though!

Utah Elk Limited Entry Central Mtns & Manti - posted 1 year ago

Are OTC general season any bull elk archery tags available for this unit?

Idaho Big Game Unit 67 - posted 1 year ago

Tommie M. I was possibly looking at going to this unit for a blind diy archery hunt as well and would enjoy packing in with someone. ill reply to this page when I make my final decision on a unit.

Are you solo tough? - posted 2 years ago

I have the same exact feelings as stated in this article since I’m just now being able to afford taking this obsession of hunting more seriously as a 20 year old. I’ve been planning next year for Idaho and Montana archery season, I’m getting excited but also nervous.